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I wonder if this guy needs a “high-capacity” magazine. #NRA #2A


Yeah, this would never happen in Nevada. For one, our bikers don’t antagonize people or torment other drivers; they have class–despite appearances (never judge at book by its cover and all). Secondly, bikers know Nevadans are armed without restriction to magazine capacity. Unlike New York, where this happened, we don’t limit magazine capacity or make it impossible for citizens to exercise their rights. Finally, this scenario brilliantly answers those who question the need for so-called high-capacity magazines.

Open letter to Editor @ReviewJournal #NRA #2A


Dear Editor:

It is despicable that any citizen should have to write or call their “representatives” in the Nevada legislature to remind them that our rights are not up for debate. As the gun background bill moves one step closer to becoming law, we have to write letters and call legislators and ask them to respect our gun rights.

As they work to whittle away our rights, legislators boldly claim to be gun-owners that have a respect for the Second Amendment. If they had any respect for the Second Amendment and our Nevada Constitution, every decision to alter it would not be taken lightly. Furthermore, our rights should not be subject to the whims of temporary politicians who admittedly want to erode our rights in spite of their political careers–for the kids, of course. Instead, we are told by hyper-partisan types that studies are a move by folks not willing to take a stand. Additionally, we are told that somehow these background checks will keep guns out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill, which I thought we currently have in place.

Secondly, I do not know Amanda Collins personally, but we strive for the same goal; empowerment. Collins has testified for two sessions in Carson City, reliving the horror she suffered at the University of Nevada, Reno campus. It is saddening to witness the callousness on display that will not allow her bill to get a vote by those who are seemingly unmoved by her testimony; yet, other victims who promote the beliefs of anti-Second Amendment legislators at least get a vote–not to mention being featured prominently by the sensationalistic media, while Collins gets a mention in passing.

I wonder if anyone would be willing to accept such arguments in favor of infringement on the First Amendment; especially, the freedom of speech, press, and the freedom to freely exercise religion.

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Ok, I tried a #smartphone and I’m over it. @htc @verizon

Ok, so I tried the whole smart-phone thing and I’m not impressed. To begin, it’s expensive. A free phone, but I’m paying over a hundred dollars a month. I could buy a phone cash every two months. Twelve phones over the length of the two-year contract. In addition to the silliness, there is a surcharge for data. Why can’t it just be flat rate?

Secondly, as suddenly as it is inexplicable, the phone stopped charging and holding a charge (no, it’s NOT the battery!). All this, conveniently in time to renew my contract.

Lastly–why does the attendant ask if I want to check if I’m eligible for a new phone? I don’t want a new phone, or a refurbished one; I want mine fixed. Why? Because I’m the customer! That’s  why.

So the next time you see me, I’ll be on a flip phone.

Hey @gop #tcot #tgdn h/t @IBDinvestors @marklevinshow; did you see this? http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-perspective/040413-650573-republicans-need-to-hang-tough-on-illegal-immigration.htm?p=full


Demographics Favor the GOP — Unless They Blow It

Fri,  Apr 05 2013

By M. STANTON  EVANS, Investor’s  Business Daily

No one could possibly guess it from the TV talk or coverage by the daily  press corps, but the Republican Party stands today at the threshold of historic  political victories.

The forces pushing things in this direction are so strong that the permanent  campaign of Barack Obama, the public sector unions and the like can’t prevail  against them. The liberals this time are on the wrong side of history, and there  is little they can do on their own to change the almost certain downfall that  awaits them.

However, nothing in politics is absolutely certain, and there is an X factor  in the equation that could keep the GOP from a victorious future.

This barrier, ironically, is the party’s own alleged leadership in the  Republican National Committee, a swarm of GOP “consultants”, and top echelons of  Congress — where the preferred mode of battle appears to be piecemeal  surrender.

According to the recent RNC “autopsy” of the 2012 election, and other  establishmentarian voices, what Republicans need to do to win is to be more like  the Democratic opposition.

This is a siren song we’ve been hearing since the days of Nelson Rockefeller  and John Lindsay, much used by opponents of Ronald Reagan. It was wrong then,  and is equally wrong today.

In the current version of this tactic, the main issue being stressed is  amnesty (by whatever name) for 10 to 20 million illegal aliens, as a supposed  way of attracting Hispanic voters.

Not far behind are such leftward issues as same-sex marriage, downplaying  restrictions on abortion, forgetting about the repeal of ObamaCare, and so on.  Indeed there seems to be no policy stance at all for which these spokesmen are  willing to do battle.

All of this is not only wrong in principle but in addition will be — and to a  considerable extent already is — damaging to the Republican Party.

Based on history, not only will such liberal views not bring in new voters in  significant numbers (since the Democrats can easily outbid Republicans on  liberal issues), they will also alienate from the GOP the rapidly rising  political forces that could carry it to triumph.

These forces, visible now in the fact that 60% of governors are Republicans  and a comfortable GOP majority in the U.S. House, are overwhelmingly  conservative and Republican.

They are of both economic and religious nature, and their combined effects  are steadily reshaping the electoral landscape in favor of conservative  values.

On the economic front, some of the key facts have been set forth in these  pages by IBD’s John Merline and columnist Betsy McCaughey, and don’t need  repeating here.

They tell us, in a nutshell, that the so-called “red states” (low-tax,  Republican leaning) are gaining mightily in population while “blue states”  (high-tax, Democratic), are headed the other way. People are moving in  increasing numbers out of liberal bastions such as New York and California to  places like Texas, the Carolinas and Arizona.

These population shifts are being reflected by shifts in congressional  district numbers and votes in the electoral college, trends that are going to  continue.

Less widely noted but equally potent are the “social issues” which embarrass  country club Republicans no end but are crucial to the prospects of the  party.

In counseling liberal stances on abortion or same-sex marriage, the  establishmentarian/consultant classes blithely ignore the impact of such  advocacy on a large and potentially larger part of the Republican base — religious voters who take their faith seriously and are alarmed by the hedonism  they see around them.

Showing the importance of this sector, notes columnist Mark LaRochelle, is  the fact that evangelical voters alone comprised 26% of the electorate in last  November’s contest, and that 78% of these went for the GOP.

By contrast, the supposedly all important Hispanic vote amounted to only 10%  of the ballots, of which 71% were for Obama. That works out to roughly 20% of  the electorate vs. 7%.

One wonders: Can GOP consultants do math?

(As LaRochelle also notes, the last time the GOP went for amnesty, in 1986,  the results were politically disastrous. The Republican share of the Hispanic  vote dropped from 37% in 1984 to 30% in 1988. Thereafter, the number of illegals  in the country, far from being contained, would approximately triple.)

Even more to the point, religious voters, as a famous saying has it, are  going to inherit the earth, and are doing so even now.

As shown by demographer Eric Kaufman of the University of London, religious  couples across all cultures are for obvious reasons (including but not limited  to abortion) having more children per family than are the secular-irreligious,  whose birthrates are below replacement — which means a declining population.

“After 2020,” says Kaufman, the devoutly religious of all faiths “will begin  to tip the culture wars to the conservative side.”

The liberal-counterculture Democrats will of course continue fighting this  war in the schools and through the media, but have only one major demographic  weapon to counter the fertility gap that is working relentlessly against  them.

That weapon is illegal immigration. As the population trends move steadily  conservative, the liberals must bring into the country and enfranchise new  voters who will reliably cast Democratic ballots.

That, and that alone, is the real issue in the battle over immigration and  why the Democrats are so bent on gaining amnesty for illegals. All the rest is  window dressing.

It’s also the reason that this is the one issue above all others on which  Republicans, if they want to win, should not surrender.

• Evans is a veteran journalist and author. His most recent book is “Stalin’s  Secret Agents.”

Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-perspective/040413-650573-republicans-need-to-hang-tough-on-illegal-immigration.htm#ixzz2PqhADW6q Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook

Vindication for @DaynaRoselli? | Khorrami’s out at Channel @8NewsNow – @Norm_Clarke

Although Dayna Roselli is too classy to say it publicly, it should be noted that Channel 8 made a huge mistake by replacing her with the unproven and expensive Shauna Khorrami.

While calling for a resignation or termination is extreme (no one deserves that), after a million dollar marketing campaign and five thousand dollars spent on training – of which humility and work ethic were apparently not covered – a public apology for Roselli and her viewers is the least, president and general manager Emily Neilson, can do.

What Roselli did for Channel 8, is invaluable. Many watched because of her. As Norm Clarke correctly indicated in his Review-Journal column, Roselli is popular. The million dollar marketing campaign could not replicate what she did for the station. Roselli would promote the morning show on her twitter feed, at all hours of the day. If there was breaking news, Roselli sent updates to her followers. She was on the clock 24 hours. It seems Channel 8 undervalued Roselli’s dedication. She marketed the show for free, but apparently Roselli is entitled to a million dollar bonus.

No ratings increase? Apparently, these decision makers do not realize that Las Vegas is a 24 hour town (yeah, really). Many are working when these shows air. Secondly, the format is not the preferred method of news consumption (See: online content). Younger generations have shorter attention spans; more specifically, they do not feel the need to be on the station’s schedule. Finally, station chiefs should realize they will suffer viewer backlash for their brash decisions.

So, is this vindication for Dayna Roselli? Eight months and a million dollars later… the answer is resoundingly, yes!

Coming soon! Vindication for the lovely and talented, Heidi Hayes.


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Sen Feinstein’s War on #Veterans and the #2A – #NRA #tcot

So, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) doesn’t believe the Second Amendment applies to veterans. She believes that because of the “advent” of PTSD, it would be unsafe for them to possess weapons. Well, it makes sense for her to deride veterans. After all, a vast majority of veterans love the country just the way it is. They don’t actively seek to fundamentally transform it. Additionally, veterans tend to lean conservative and, unlike career minded politicians, they don’t conveniently tailor the Constitution to fit their ideology. We swear an oath to defend it and we actually mean it. Therefore, the amendment put forth by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) was summarily dismissed by her while also disrespecting the very same people that make her “service” even possible. Her freedom control bill seeks to ensure no one is able to defend themselves from anyone, especially a tyrannical government.


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Gun Control vs. Gun Violence Prevention #tcot #nra #tgdn

Who on Earth would be against preventing “Gun Violence”?

Gun Control is gone! Gun Control is no longer a Democrat platform. Now, it it is called Gun Violence Prevention.

I remember reading about The Greenhouse Effect in elementary school and thinking how awful it sounds, but not scary. Later, in my public school career, it evolved into Global Warming. Global Warming sounds bad, but the word, warm,  is nothing to get panicked about. Now, we call it Climate Change. Not only do we call it Climate Change, we visualize apocalyptic flooding of the US due to the melting of the polar ice caps and the extinction of polar bears. How horrible.  

The language has changed. The Freedom Control crowd say that they are willing to implement a “common sense” approach to Preventing Gun Violence. The implication is, that if the NRA crowd, gun nuts are not willing to accept these restrictions, the Second Amendment crowd lacks common sense.

Restricting the Second Amendment in forms that would not have prevented any of the recent tragedies is marketed as gun violence prevention. So, I will be so bold as to say, I am not interested in preventing gun violence.

It has been said many times over but it is worth repeating. Gun Violence Prevention is about people control.

“No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms.” – Thomas Jefferson

#Liberty for #Nevada #riders

Motorcycle helmet laws are pointless. Every time I read the local paper, I learn of a tragic and unfortunate motorcycle fatality.

I would like to pose a radical idea for freedom; why not allow people to choose whether or not to wear a helmet or seatbelts? Nevada has the Laughlin River Run; we should cater to motorcycle enthusiasts and remove the mandatory helmet laws, especially on the open highway. We have to move to incrementally take back some of the nanny state laws for the sake of freedom.

Unfortunately, many of the arguments I hear in favor of motorcycle helmet laws are because of health care cost for the motorcycle riders. I have heard from others that this is the perfect argument to stop government paying for healthcare in the first place, but that fight is for another day. Besides, riders are dying in spite of the helmet laws and most riders I speak to would rather die on their terms.

I hope Don Gustavson, in the Nevada Legislature, continues this fight; he has been a consistent champion for freedom (choice). Ironic, is the idea that choice is what the “Left” claims to represent. Especially, to a woman’s right to choose abortion. However, when it comes to anything else, be it school choice, helmet laws, seatbelt laws, or the ability to choose a voucher system for healthcare, the answer is no.

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